Here's some information on how to use the app:

This app is meant to work together with the official Construct 3 tutorial from Laura_D called Branching Dialogue Using Json:

Please note, this is still very much an alpha version so expect bugs and things breaking! Collaborators are warmly welcomed!

The basic idea is to create character dialogue trees from the big plus button at the top. When you have the first node of a dialogue tree, you can add more dialogue blocks to it from the smaller plus button in the node. You can also change the type of the node to "question" in order to add a question with branching answers.

When you are done with you dialogue tree, you can export it as a JSON file from the export button at the top bar. You should be able to then take this file to Construct 3 and especially to the tutorial .c3p-file created by Laura_D. Simply import as a project file and replace the existing json file import in the eGame event sheet on even 2 (action: -> AJAX: Request dialogue.json (tag "LoadDialogue"))

The characters get assigned a dialogue from the JSON based on their "SceneID" instance variable value.

Some things to note:

You can drag the dialogues around to arrange them the way you prefer. Dragging a parent dialogue will also move the children. You can also move the entire canvas by dragging from an empty area.

Changing the name of the character in one dialogue tree will change it for all the nodes. If you want another character in the same JSON file export, use another dialogue tree.

The "next" value tells Construct which node it should go to after the current one. We are automatically setting it to the next child node if the user has created one. If there is no child node, then the user can define where to go next by setting the value manually.

The ID for each node is automatically assigned and I don't recommend changing them for now.

Adding line breaks in the text are of the node will separate those into different dialogues in Construct, meaning that they will be displayed separately one-by-one. That way you can make sure large texts fit the dialogue box design of your game.

Known bugs:

Important info for developers: